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Fall 2008 - Winter 2009

Grand River Watershed Projects

Spring | Summer, 2008

Bloor Street Banner Project and the BIG Festival
Bloor Street Dufferine to Lansdowns

Summer | Fall, 2007

Please pick up a free Vine People Print
Exhibition at MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art,) June 21- August 19, 2007, 952 Queen Street West. In addition, your participation would be appreciated in any of the following related Dyan Marie Projects:

Tree Tour with LEAF and DIGIN : WALK HERE
DIG IN festival 12:30 - 4:00, Leaf Walk July 1st – 1 to 2:30pm starting at Wallace Emerson Park. Tree stories and information along the WALK HERE route. Learn about the importance of tree, information about different tree species and the care of trees. Followed by a Canada Day Festival and barbeque in Wallace Emerson Park with Councillor Adam Giambrone, 12:30 to 4. Meet near the Wallace Emerson Community Center skating rink at Dufferin Ave. just south of Dupont.

Splash Party | Clean-up the Face of Bloor Street.
July 5th, 1 – 8pm. Bloor Street between Lansdowne and Dufferin. Wash windows, power wash walkways, fix broken tile, remove aerosol tags…how to fix it workshops, supplies on hand but you are welcome to bring friends, buckets, sponges. Award of appreciate for anyone that last from 1 – 8. (Counts as volunteer hours for school programs)
Meet at 1:00 Margueretta and Bloor (two blocks east of Lansdowne).

Nuit Blanche Bloor NIGHTLIGHT | take back the night
Sept. 29, 7pm to 7am. Ten transformative projects take back the night with events on Bloor Street from Margueretta to Lansdowne and in and around The House of Lancaster Strip Club. (1215 Bloor Street West). Come and participate. Over 30 artists contributing.

Buy On Bloor | Buy any legal item on Bloor Street between Dufferin and Lansdowne.

Learn to Juggleor if you already know how – teach someone else. In preparation for the Bloor B.I.G. Juggle in 2008

Any self-directed goodwill-gesture to improve the experience of walking in the city.

September, 2007
Dyan Marie Projects develops and hosts Bloor NIGHTLIGHT, an Nuit Blanche partnership project with B.I.G. (bigonbloor.com) Bloor NIGHTLIGHT take back the night at Bloor and Landsdowne

Nuit Blanche September 29, Bloor Street and Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, 7pm to 7am

BLOOR NIGHTLIGHT | Ten transformative projects

One: Streetlight Sculptures – Curated with and work by Orest Tataryn and others. Overhead sculptures are exhibited fixed to city streetlight poles creating a street-long exhibition of contemporary light art.

Two: Light House – A projection house made of ice created by Joe Fleming, with his videos glowing through the walls.

Three: Body Light – Fashion, performance, projections, videos and installations transform the House Of Lancaster Strip Club and surrounding area at 1215 Bloor Street West. Works by John Abrams, Shelley Adler, Lois Anderson, Dougal Bichan, CCCA, Kristen Fahrig, Carla Garnet, Noel Harding, Miklos Legrady, Diane Lingenfelte, Larry Middlestadt, Roman Milo, Richard Mongiat, Talia Shipman and Guy Walter

Four: Clouds of Doubt – Objects and lights sources wrapped into place along the street create lingering clouds by JP King and Stephen Marie-Rhodes.

Five: Bloor Bike Light – A bike parade, tricked out in light for the night, curated and bike by Bruce Ward with Mark Greenhough, Herb VandenDool, and others.

Six: Store Sculptures – Storeowners host light sculptures made for their storefront windows by participating artists working in neon, blown glass, light installations by Ian Worling, Alfred Engerer and others.

Seven: Upper Floor Windows along Bloor – Local residents are invited to inventively light-up their apartment widows above street-level to ensure opportunities for neighbourhood involvement.

Eight: Light Hand Sculptures – Small light sculptures, powered by watch batteries and able to be fixed by magnets to any metal surface enable a dispersion of light in unexpected places throughout the area. Community-wide project created with members of DIG IN, B.IG., local artists and local schools.

Nine: Wearable Light – Light jewelry developed for Bloor NIGHTLIGHT and worn by viewers and participants animate the event.

Ten: Vine People – Half human, half vine, Dyan Marie’s Vine People are ambassadors for green action for better neighbourhoods and a better city – some say they are super-heroes, others troublemakers – Installed where needed for Bloor NIGHTLIGHT.

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Nuit Blanche information release.

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