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2002 - 2006
Dyan Marie Projects
/ Dupont Projects (DMP) opens in Toronto September 17, 2002, at 1444 Dupont Street, Unit 31. It features curated and solo exhibitions that explore urban issues, ideas and reflections on contemporary cultural experience.

Dyan Marie focuses her curatorial and artistic practices on the Lansdowne and Dupont neighbourhood where she lives. Since 1997 Marie has developed interventions and exhibitions that promote walking by creating walking projects and destinations - including About Here, which explored local development, Walk Here, which created an art-embedded walking system, and Look Out: Look Here, a walking project to reclaim neighbourhood streets after the brutal murder of a local child and others. Dyan Marie Projects builds on this history by introducing her cultural commercial space - as a walking destination and a place to explore ideas - into an community caught between neglect and increasing pressure from developers.

Dyan Marie Projects opened on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Cold City Gallery, a commercial artist-run gallery founded by Marie to exhibit the work of artists from the 1980’s Queen Street West scene. On September 17, Dyan Marie Projects opens a fall season encompassing art, architecture and landscape architecture. It begins with Under Construction a project exhibition that coincides with the construction of the gallery, the Canadian Art Gallery Hop and the Queen Street West Art Crawl

Dupont Projects
Dyan Marie Projects builds on the exhibition programming of Dupont Projects, her project space established in the same location and that focused on exhibitions related to local issues in the Dupont / Bloor West area. Click Here for more information about Dupont Projects.


Spring 2007
April, May and June 2007,
Marie Pierre Gallop and Cleophee Eaton managed and co - direct Dyan Marie Projects with a series of curated exhibitions: “Making Work" ADAM HARRISON, Photographs depict the creation of various forms of art, April 2007 “Constructed City” CONTACT, Photographic images by emerging artist. May 2007 “Jardin Imaginaire” PAULINE SUN HEE CHOI, oil paintings of Paris gardens, June 2007 Contact: mariepierregallop@gmail.com | cleophee@mac.com


Fall 2008 - 2009
Water Projects - beginning in southern Ontario's Grand River Watershed

1444 Dupont St. Unit 31 Toronto ON M6P 4H3 Canada
T: 416.539.8129
E: dyanmarie.com
W: projects.dyanmarie.com

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